Treatment Tuesday: Shaving

Back again, with another treatment Tuesday. This is a routine that we are all familiar with; shaving! This is one of the most popular choices of hair removal here in the UK and it’s an easy and cheaper alternative to waxing or laser.

Although this is a prefered treatment by many, there are things that we could be doing wrong (or not at all) when it comes to our hair removal.

Here is my step by step guide to get the most from shaving:

1: If you can, always shave at night. This not only allows the skin to settle (and not rub onto your clothes, but the natural swelling we get allows our hair follicles to recover from shaving.

2. Begin by showering in warm water, or perhaps visit a steam room, to open up your pores and create a smooth surface on which to shave.

3. Never dry shave! Always make sure that you skin is wet and lathered. Opt for a shaving cream or even a creamy hair conditioner. This prevents razor burn and allows for the blade to glide better along the skin.

4. After shaving rinse the skin with lukewarm/cool water in order to close the pores and prevent infections and bumps.

5.  When you get out of the shower, pat your skin down with a towel or cotton tee, never rub!

6. The final step is to moisturise. I always opt for an aloe vera based cream and I like to mix a bit tea tree oil into my moisturiser (as it is a natural anti inflammatory).

7. Be sure to exfoliate at least twice a week after shaving, as this will prevent ingrowing hairs.

How to store your razor:

Storing your razor correctly is important as it helps it last longer and will ensure you don’t use a rusty blade.

  • After using your razor make sure to rinse it well and let it dry outside of your bathroom (steam from the shower encourages rust).

My favourite razors are the Olay and Venus collaborations. These come in many varieties, even for sensitive skin. I would try to avoid disposable razors. In my opinion the more blades a razor has the better.


There are loads of razors on the market and it’s through trial and error that I found my favourite ones.

Check out what most drugstores have to offer here:’s+razor




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